Meet the Team

John “Jomo” Morrison

Director, Writer

Ain’t It Cool News says that John Morrison “has an expert eye for building tension and sets up quite a few scares that caused my black heart to go a-flutter.” His short film Sleepwalk premiered at the New York City Horror Film Festival, winning the Audience Award. A graduate of the Capilano University Film Program, he works as a videographer and graphic designer. Please contact writer/director John “Jomo” Morrison for more information.

Lana Otoya


Lana is an experienced producer and has worked on both indie and corporate projects. She is a Production Manager at Hadron Films and has produced TV commercials, radio commercials and web videos for companies such as Best Buy, TransLink, Toyo Tires, Nikon, Bose and many more. Lana has also produced a number of short films as well as a feature called Shooting the Musical.

Joel Ashton McCarthy


Joel is co-director and co-producer of the popular feature documentary Taking My Parents To Burning Man and director of the new mockumentary feature, Shooting The Musical (formerly titled After Film School) which premiered at the Whistler Film Festival and kicked off the First Weekend Club streaming platform. He has won many awards for his short films and commercials.